What is Made in China 2025?

  August 24, 2021   Blog Posts

The Chinese Communist Party has declared a “Made in China 2025” agenda. Made in China 2025 is an ambitious attempt by the Chinese government to control 10 key global technological industries by that year. They are:

  1. Information Technology

  2. Robotics

  3. Green energy and green vehicles

  4. Aerospace equipment

  5. Ocean engineering

  6. Railway equipment

  7. Power equipment

  8. New materials

  9. Medicine and medical devices

  10. Agricultural machinery

The Chinese government has utilized various means to get ahead. These include:

  • Forced transfer of intellectual property by companies wishing to do business in China. .

  • Hacking and theft of data, including personal data.

  • Divest investment and purchasing of foreign companies that have advanced technology.

  • Hiring US lobbyists to push back against US government restrictions on Chinese companies

  • Espionage

Ultimately, the Chinese government wants to dominate these industries because doing so will provide control over other countries and the global economy.

And the government can mobilize the whole of Chinese businesses to march toward this goal. There is no distinction between private companies and the Chinese government, and the Chinese government often has representatives embedded in the management of major companies.

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