Chinese Communist Party influence in America

The map below shows key points of Chinese Communist Party influence in America. Click on the different filters to see Chinese influence in America.

China has 1.4 billion people, more than 4 times the population of the United States. The communist Chinese government’s intelligence apparatus is huge and multifaceted. It operates by slowly building “soft power” and seeking to corrupt for its own end: Global domination.

In business, the Chinese government has directed companies to acquire stakes in American companies to access and obtain cutting-edge technology. The Chinese government has a “Made in China 2025” goal to dominate key tech fields–and China is stealing our technology to supplant us.
In education, the Chinese government funds “Confucius Institutes” at American universities and “Confucius Classrooms” at K-12 schools. These programs are a pipeline for Chinese government propaganda to the next generation of Americans.
In media, the Chinese government buys ads designed to look like real news in major papers including the Washington Post and New York Times. China also controls several Hollywood companies, and influences the film industry to only show pro-China viewpoints.
The movie theater category shows theaters previously purchased by the Chinese. Hollywood engages in self-censorship of films about China.
And in lobbying, the Chinese government and Chinese businesses spent over $30 million in 2020 on influence activities, employing major PR and lobbying firms, according to Foreign Agent Registration Act filings.

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