Made in China: More Than We Bargained For?

  October 27, 2020   Blog Posts

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The US no longer makes much of the medicine and medical equipment it needs, dangerously relying on China instead.

The US imports billions of dollars of food from China. Food made in China has been contaminated by aluminum, lead, cadmium, and plastics.

Where are your food and drugs coming from and are they safe? Demand to know!

Ask yourself: Do I know whether my pension is funding the Chinese military or invested in unregulated companies?

Americans (many unknowingly) are estimated to have invested $3 trillion plus in Chinese companies and activities through:

  • IPOs driven by Wall Street banks
  • Bond offerings directly set up between the Chinese Government and  US Banks
  • Buying of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in the pension plans of ordinary Americans

Ask yourself: Do I want my children being influenced by the Chinese Government?

China is increasingly investing billions to gain influence within our borders:

  • US radio stations are being bought or leased by Chinese organizations to influence US public opinion

  • Chinese-owned cinema screens and film studios influence US culture

  • Chinese television reaches 78 million Americans

  • Through its investment in tech companies, including Huawei and TikTok, China aims to gain increasing access to US citizens’ personal, military, and government records

Download this printable infographic.

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