Joe Biden’s Grade on China

  June 15, 2021   Blog Posts, Press Release

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President Joe Biden and his Cabinet have all settled into their new offices. While the Biden administration hasn’t been in place for long, the threat the Chinese Communist Party poses to the United States grows every day. There cannot be a honeymoon phase while Biden gathers his bearings. 

To understand how things are going under Biden’s watch, the American Security Institute graded his administration on several China issues facing the U.S. ranging from protecting infrastructure to keeping propaganda out of our schools. 

Here’s a quick look at his report card:

Protecting American Privacy:  D

Cutting Off Investments Benefiting China’s Military: B

Shutting Down Confucius Institutes In Our Schools: F

Holding China Responsible for COVID: F

Protecting American Infrastructure: C-

Upholding President Trump’s Tariffs: A

Hiring Staff Who Oppose China: F

Recognizing the CCP Threat: C



You can view the full report card and the justification for each grade here

While Biden has made some good decisions when it comes to China, he is failing to respond to every threat the Chinese government poses. The United States cannot afford for China to advance its soft power campaign into the lives of Americans without consequence. The Biden Administration must correct its course and start responding to the threat of the Chinese Communist Party. 

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