How American Technology Aids China’s Global Ambitions

  December 7, 2021   Op-Ed Columns

For China to build advanced weapons — of which the hypersonic missile is one example — it needs microchips, or semiconductors, as they are also known. Semiconductors, in fact, are so important to China that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has made it one of its highest priorities to become self-sufficient in the field, and Vice Premier Liu He has been put in charge of national chip development. The US, however, still leads in the semiconductor field, especially in chip design tools, so China, largely, still has to rely on American technology.

recent investigation by New York-based research firm Rhodium Group for the Wall Street Journal puts on display the extent to which American companies are willing to fill China’s technological gaps — and that is just for the microchip sector. According to Rhodium, in the years 2017-2020, “U.S. venture-capital firms, chip-industry giants and other private investors participated in 58 investment deals in China’s semiconductor industry… more than double the number from the prior four years.”

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