China on campus: How the DOJ has battled ‘nontraditional espionage’

  May 5, 2021   News Stories

Attorney General Merrick Garland appeared before the House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday and was pressed on what the DOJ was doing to counter China, especially with regard to the Chinese government’s massive theft of intellectual property at public and private institutions.

“Well, within the last month or so, the intelligence community has identified China as a threat … with respect to espionage, with respect to theft of intellectual property, so the FBI is working very hard on these issues,” Garland replied. “There’s also obviously a very important cybercrime and cyberhacking element of this, so a lot of money and new resources are being put into protecting against that hacking, then prosecuting where we’re unsuccessful at protection and then plugging the holes.”

Read more at the Washington Examiner.

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