China Censors Oscar Winner For Government Criticism

  May 6, 2021   Blog Posts

Chloé Zhao’s Oscar win should have been a moment of celebration for China. She made history by becoming the first Chinese woman – and the second woman ever – to win the coveted Oscar for best director. 

However, instead of celebrating her achievements, the Chinese Communist Party is censoring all mentions of her.  

Zhao criticized the Chinese government in a 2013 interview stating in Communist China, there are “lies everywhere.” Since the CCP was made aware of this interview, all social media posts about Zhao are being removed as quickly as they are posted.

The Chinese people, however, want to celebrate Zhao’s win. After her Oscar victory was announced, there was an avalanche of congratulations and celebration on Chinese social media. Still, the power of the CCP’s censorship machine won out, and all of the posts have since been removed. 

Read more at the Wall Street Journal.

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