WSJ: U.S. Is Vulnerable to China’s Dominance in Rare Earths, Report Finds

  June 29, 2020   News Stories

China sees its dominance in strategic rare-earth minerals as leverage that can be used against the West—including in trade disputes with the U.S., according to a new report by U.S.-based researchers.

Rare earths are metals used for a variety of advanced technologies, including computer screens, high-tech weapons and electric vehicles. According to the report by consulting firm Horizon Advisory, China cultivated its rare-earth industry through years of state subsidies, and is prepared to use it as a geopolitical weapon.

“China’s rare earths positioning both implicates and threatens the entire global system,” said the report by Horizon, which consults on geopolitical and economic trends for public and private clients.

Read the full piece at the Wall Street Journal.

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