CNN: Lawmakers eye options for removing key parts of supply chain from China

  May 18, 2020   News Stories

Long simmering distrust and anger at China among some lawmakers on Capitol Hill has hit a boiling point as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the world.

There are a myriad of proposals, touching on supply chains, restricting Chinese investment in the US and placing limits on US investment in China. But it’s the supply chain issues that appear most acute — and are drawing the most bipartisan attention at this moment in Congress.
Bottom line: This isn’t a new debate — for years, lawmakers, mostly China hawks, have pursued legislative efforts to crackdown on China. But those efforts rarely garnered much momentum. That has changed, particularly as it pertains to the thorny issue of trying to detach China’s role in the medical supply chain.

As one senior GOP aide told CNN: “Something is going to happen. Figuring out what that is, well, that’s still a work in progress.”


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